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Surface Finishes

In order to achieve the very best assembly performance, we need to match the most appropriate solderable finish to your application and assembly process.

In order to satisfy every combination of assembly profile, material use and application requirement, we offer the following comprehensive range of solderable finishes as in-house processes:

Traditional leaded HASL

Lead-free HASL

Immersion Gold over Nickel (ENIG), include Hard gold

OSP (Organic Solderability Preservative)

Gold Finger, Carbon Print, Peelable S/M

Flash Gold(Hard Gold plating)

Solder mask: green, blue, red, black, yellow, white are available

Silk screen: white , blue, red, yellow, black, green are available

We are happy to advise you on the most suitable finish based on a number of factors including shelf life, handing considerations, surface topography, assembly open windows between processes and obviously cost.

All boards supplied include a comprehensive quality report that specifies the plating specifications of the boards along with a cross section if required that illustrates inner layer plating depths for the through hole plating and surface treatments.

Pandawill also offer a wide range of solder mask colors and finishes (gloss or matte)to suit your design requirements. Whilst the vast majority of PCBs are manufactured in industry standard green, we also offer red, blue, yellow, clear and brilliant white and black resists that are extensively used in the manufacture of LED based lighting applications to either reflect or suppress peripheral light. All of the above colors are offered without a cost premium and the inks utilized have been standardized to offer the highest levels of color fastness and resistance to fade and/or discoloration when processed.