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PCB Layout

Pandawill Design Support

Getting it right at the design stage can make all the difference between a product meeting expectations and failing to live up to the expectations of functionality or performance. This does not mean that the product is faulty – given that acceptance or rejection criteria cannot be established without standards on which to base those criteria. However, setting expectations is only one part of what we do. We see PCB design support not only as defining what we need, but also what we do with your design from receipt of data through to the finished product.


Pandawill quality assurance through standards

All of PANDAWILL’s companies are members of IPC, which, combined with our quality assurance activities, offers customers numerous advantages:


● PANDAWILL ensures that our PCBs are produced in line with latest standards.

● PANDAWILL backs-up its quality improvement work with full IPC membership.

● Through PANDAWILL’s IPC membership customers can indirectly influence the way standards are developed.

● Communication is more effective in technical / acceptance areas due to a standardized language being used.

● Fault analysis can be rapidly conducted through applying IPC standards.

● Standards clarify customer requirements, assuring the right quality level. Even without end customer specifications, IPC standards are used as a minimum.


PCB design type: High-Speed, Analog, Digital-analog Hybrid, High Density/Voltage/Power, RF, Backplane, ATE, Soft Board, Rigid-Flex Board, Aluminum Board, etc.

Design tools: Allegro, Pads, Mentor Expedition.

Schematic tools: CIS/ORCAD, Concept-HDL, Montor DxDesigner, Design Capture, etc.


● High Speed PCB Design

● 40G / 100G System Design

● Mixed Digital PCB Design

● SI/PI EMC Simulation Design

Design Capability

Max design layers 40 layers
Max pin count 60,000
Max connections 40,000
Minimum line width 3 mil
Minimum line spacing 3 mil
Minimum via 6 mil (3 mil laser drill)
Maximum pin spacing 0.44mm
Max power consumption/PCB 360W
HDI Build 1+n+1; 2+N+2, X+N+X, Any layer HDI in R&D

Delivery Capability

Pin amount Delivery (Working Days)
0-2,000 3-5
2,000-4,000 5-8
4,000-6,000 8-12
6,000-8,000 12-15
8,000-10,000 15-18
10,000-12,000 18-20
12,000-14,000 20-22
14,000-16,000 22-25