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PCB Material

Pandawill PCB are pleased to offer the comprehensive range of standard and specialized laminate and substrate materials to suit your specific application requirements.

These materials include the following categories:

> CEM1

> FR4 (standard to high Tg ratings)

> PTFE (Rogers, Arlon and equivalent materials)

> Ceramic materials

> Aluminium substrates

> Flexible materials (polyimide)


We always focus on the best price and quality for our customers, we often advise to avoid the use of material manufacturers such as Isola and Rogers unless it is clearly specified as a requirement matched to approvals. The reason is they are much expensive and normally with MOQ and need long time to import the materials.


Pandawill offer a comprehensive range of FR4 substrates that span the full Tg spectrum as requested, and often our CAM engineering department will suggest elevated material specifications for use in complex or HDI applications to avoid inner layer issues during the thermal assembly process.


Pandawill provide various copper weight laminates to satisfy high current PCB applications and we specialize in the supply of aluminium substrates for use in LED lighting applications where the PCB is an active heat dissipation device within the complete assembly design.


For flexible and flexi-rigid materials, we also offer comprehensive design rules and manufacturing guideline in order to achieve the very best results for your applications.


Our material suppliers:

Shengyi, Nanya, Kingboard, ITEQ, Rogers, Arlon, Dupont, Isola, Taconic, Panasonic