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PCB Fabrication Quality

Quality is our primary concern. To provide the best quality product and completely satisfying customer requests is firmly rooted in the mind of everyone at Pandawill. This begins as soon as your data arrives and lasts to after sale service. Our quality control mainly include three parts:


Incoming Quality Control

This  process is  to control suppliers, verify incoming materials, and handle quality problems before production.

Our main suppliers includes:

Substrate: Shengyi, Nanya, Kingboard, ITEQ, Rogers, Arlon, Dupont, Isola, Taconic, Panasonic

Ink: Nanya, Taiyo.


In-Process Quality Control and Test

Starting with the manufacturing instruction (MI) preparation, via process checks, through to final inspection, quality control of the finished printed circuit board is a recurring theme through the entire production system.

While the reliability and precision of chemical and mechanical processing steps are ensured by documented analyses throughout the process together with maintenance measures, every circuit board is nevertheless subject to extensive intermediate and final tests. This ensures that possible sources of errors can be quickly detected and permanently resolved.  The circuit boards will be checked against the high requirements of the internationally recognized IPC-A-6012 Class 2.

The checking & test includes:

Check of the customer data (DRC – Design Rule Check)

Electronic test: small volumes checked with a flying probe and for larger series using an Fixture E-Test.

Automated Optical Inspection:  verifies the finished conductor trace image for deviations from the Gerber  and finds errors that the E-Test may not discover.

X-Ray: identify and correct layer displacements and drill holes in the pressing process.

Cutting sections for analysis

Thermal shock tests

Microscopic investigations

Final electrical tests


Outgoing Quality Assurance

This is the last process before products ship to customers. It is every important to ensure our shipment is defect-free.

The procedures include:

Final visual inspection of the circuit boards

Vacuum packing and sealed in box for delivery.