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SMT Technology

To deliver flexibility, responsiveness, good quality and lead-times requirements, we continue investing on the new machines, processes and most important our people. With four fully integrated high speed SMT lines for main production. Each line has a Desen automatic printers and a 8 zone oven, connected with automatic conveyors and loaders / unloaders, and an in-line AOI system. Our machine can handle components from 0201 resistors to ball grid array (BGA), QFN,POP and fine pitch devices up to 70mm2.

SMT Technology3
SMT Technology2

Solder paste printing is a critical process, which our Desen automatic printers achieve accurately and consistently, with built-in automatic optical inspection for verification. Solder paste reflow is carefully processed using 8-zone convection ovens.

Our SMT processes are fully supported by experienced IPC trained engineers, using the latest technology equipment for process set-up and verification. All SMT assemblies are AOI inspected using in-line AOI systems. X-ray is available for fine pitch and BGA inspection.

SMT Technology1
SMT Technology4

Materials control includes baking ovens and dry storage for correct conditioning. For modifications and upgrades, two fully equipped fine pitch / BGA rework stations are available.