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PCB Fabrication Overview

With our advanced facility and dedicated hard working employees, we are able to deliver PCB from 1-28 layers, from quick turn prototype to volume production.


In detail, we can offer:

PCB type: rigid PCB, flexible PCB, rigid-flex PCB

Materials: CEM1, FR4,  special materials(Rogers, Arlon, Isola, Taconic, Panasonic), metal core

Layer count: 1-2 layer PCB; Multilayer boards up to 28 layers

Technology: HDI, blind and buried via technology, hole plugging, controlled impedance

Surface finishes: HAL, electroless tin, electroless Ni/Au & many more

Service: prototype, quick turn, small to volume production

……. & much more


To absolutely ensure that every board that we manufacture is both the correct, current version and 100% fit for purpose, we insist that the customer provides Gerber data and engineering drawings for every RFQ and order. This is a policy decision that we feel is a hugely important safeguard for our customers.